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A must for any person with an interest during the shifting encounter of language. The Macmillan Dictionary web site explores English as it really is spoken world wide right now.

If you've ever been to The nice Adventure amusement park, you realize that The entire position is meant to make you really feel as if you are on a wild, exciting, and thrilling vacation — a terrific adventure. Folks typically go on an adventure hoping a little something superb will come of it.

avontuurlik بِصُورَة مُغَامِرَة، بِمُخَاطَرَه авантюристично arriscadamente dobrodružně abenteuerlustig eventyrlystent; dristigt; voveligt τολμηρά, ριψοκίνδυνα aventurosamente, arriesgadamente julgelt ماجراجویانه seikkailunhaluisesti aventureusement בְּצוּרָה הַרְפָּתקָנִית साहसपूर्ण ढंग से pustolovno kalandosan secara petualangan ævintÿralega, glæfralega avventurosamente 冒険的に 대담하게 rizikingai pārdroši; riskanti penuh cabaran avontuurlijk eventyrlig, farefullt ryzykancko په ماجرایی توګه arriscadamente aventuros с приключениями dobrodružne pustolovsko izazovno äventyrligt, äventyrslystet อย่างผจญภัย maceracı bir şekilde 冒險地 сміливо, ризиковано جانبازی سے một cách liều lĩnh 冒险地

adventure - take a threat during the hope of a favorable result; "Whenever you get these stocks you might be gambling"

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Authentic everyday living necessitates bravery adequate, but many popular fictional figures were also very fearless. From literature to movie and in some cases video game titles, these are generally some of our favorites.

The term adventuress can suggest a female who enjoys or partakes in adventures, but (notably in more mature literature) it could possibly even have the unfavorable connotation of 1 who strategies for substance advancement with the use her sexuality; a gold digger[two] Being an occasion in the latter the Oxford English Dictionary cites "Our Adventuress experienced the pickings of some Feathers from an previous Gentleman who fell in Enjoy with her".

I make the mistake of using the term adventure and he claims: "You need to use this phrase in my existence only in offers."

adventure - take a threat in the hope of a good final result; "When visit the website you purchase these stocks you're gambling"

liking or eager for adventure(s). avontuurlik مَيَّال إلَى المُغَامَرَة авантюристичен aventureiro dobrodružný abenteuerlustig eventyrlysten; dristig; vovelig τυχοδιωκτικός, ριψοκίνδυνοςaventurero seiklushimuline ماجراجو seikkailunhaluinen aventureuxהרפתקן साहसी pustolovan kalandos suka berpetualangan áræðinn avventuroso 冒険的な 모험을 좋아하는 ieškantis nuotykių, hyperlinkęs rizikuoti pārdrošs; riskants; dēkains mengukai cabaran avontuurlijk eventyrlystenawanturniczy, ryzykancki ماجرایی aventureiro aventuros жаждущий приключений dobrodružný pustolovski avanturistički äventyrlig, äventyrslysten ชอบผจญภัย macerasever, maceracı 喜歡冒險的 сміливий, відчайдушний جواں مرد ، سورما thích phiêu lưu 喜欢冒险的

"It's been an awfully long and bloody highway to publication but I’m at last on my way. Effort, struggle, disappointments, and perseverance are essential. So is subsequent the advice of publishing field industry experts like Mark.

A very good case in point will be The Lord from the Rings collection. The adventure style usually pairs up Along with the motion genre, because prolonged epic journeys have many action in them. The adventure genre is often coupled with Just about some other genre; it’s versatile like romance and drama in that it can be meshed with Practically almost every other genre and even now operate.

If somebody has an adventure, they turn into involved with an unusual, interesting, and alternatively dangerous journey or series of functions. I set off for the new adventure in the United States on the initial day of The brand new 12 months.

To a kid from the city, a experience about the subway is just A further excursion across town. To A child through the suburbs, even though, it can be an actual adventure — a trip to a wierd area with a variety of Weird men and women, new sights, and shocking twists and turns.

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